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A Christian Artist and Hip Hop artist join together for healing

After the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri then realizing the horrible divide in our great city and nation, two very different musicians joined together to offer hope and stress the need for Unity. Their original song is called “Walk With U.S.” and features Hip Hop artist Dyce and Christian artist Annalyse and expresses the desire to heal.

“Walk With U.S.” offers lyrics of truth in a time of racial upheaval in our city and country that is in need of hope.” Said “Dyce”.

The song was written by two very different people whose love for music helped them meet under almost fate like circumstances. One of them, Nicole, is from the streets of Ferguson while the other, Dyce, was adopted by foster parents and raised in St. Louis County.

Both worked together to achieve a great musical message.

“Walk With U.S.” is a song of our experiences in our great city of St. Louis, MO. Our vision is of a city and nation that will rise up with voices of love, peace and unity. “ said Annalyse.

“Riots, rallies and protests are an everyday part of life now. Hope is what we must pray for through these tough times. We believe this is an anthem for our city and our nation in order to supply the hope that is needed.” Dyce said. “All this hate can change if we all just listen to each other.”

“Walk With U.S.” is available on national radio and iTunes. Some of the proceeds will be given to the I LOVE Ferguson.


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